Zhejiang Tongming Technology Co., Ltd
(Former name: Hangzhou Hongsen Cable Co., Ltd)
Established in 2002, certified the ISO9001:2008, a manufacturing specializes in coaxial cable and pultruded, molded and winding FRP composites.
Tongming has a registered capital of 50 million China Yuan and existing staff 180 ......
  • 2010 year Asia scale is biggest, the most influential world-class message communication exposition

    And  the  informationization  department  sponsors  by  the  People's  Republic  of  China  industry  with  the  China  council  for  the  promotion  of  international  trade,  the  Chinese  posts  and  telecommunications  equipment  Group  and  China  international  exhibition  center  Group  will  undertake  “in  2010  China  international  message  communication  exposition”  (P&T/EXPO  COMM  CHINA  2010)  in  2010  October  11  to  15th  in  China  international  exhibition  center  hold.

  • The culmination optical fiber compound low tension cable technology development application makes the new progress

    Recently,  the  country  network  message  communication  Limited  company  in  Beijing  grand  convention  electric  power  optical  fiber  to  the  household  technological  exchanges,  the  country  network  intelligence  electrical  network  department,  the  country  network  letter  passed,  the  international  telegram  branch  hospital,  leaders  and  the  expert  and  so  on  country  network  electricity  branch  hospital  attended  the  conference.

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