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The power cable replaces the communications cable - communication to have the revolutionary change

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  Today, the carrier communication technology's development already penetrated into the Internet, the telephone and the television domain. The power cable replaces the communications cable to exercise each kind of communication, the data and the signal function, was already not Arabian Nights, but was living is realistic. The Fujian branch hospital research and development " four networks gather one " the power line technology, already successfully entered the overseas market.
  The power line can also when simultaneously mesh wire, telephone line, television ties? This is not a tentative plan, but is the living reality. On July 16, the Fujian Province electric power Academy of science holds the press conference, has demonstrated the set Internet, the television, the telephone and the power transmission to the journalistic circles scene " four networks gathers one " the wide band power line communication in a body (i.e. BPL) the new technology.
  The staff insert a 200,000,000,000,000 BPL modem 220 volt ordinary power point.s, leads a mesh wire again from the modem, links on the computer, may websurf directly immediately the browse homepage, plays the game, the speech video frequency chats; Links on the telephone, may answer, dial immediately telephones; Links IPTV (interactive video on demand) on, may watch the high clear television immediately. These already do not use the digit dialing, also does not need the complex setting, uses is convenient.
  This " mysterious " the BPL modem is the Fujian Province electric power Academy of science uses the BPL technology development a product. It is reported that BPL is one kind of use existing power line takes the intelligence transmission medium, through the carrier mode transmission simulation or digital signal's communication, is one brand-new means of communication, may use the existing power line directly, but does not need again the wiring, and the cost inexpensive, the application scope is broad, the superiority is obvious. At the same time, because has solved the BPL carrier communication successfully anti-radar, the antijamming, the anti-weaken, the signal segregation of security, the signal separation and the signal pours into and so on technical difficult problems, not only may resist automatedly comes from other electric appliances to the communication meaconing, the using electricity peak can also use normally, also has guaranteed the communication security and the privacy.
  The Fujian branch hospital had the proprietary intellectual property rights BPL network technology and the proprietary product succeeded on the other day enters the overseas. This May, this hospital's product manufacturing Specialized company - Fujian hundred million strength network company and Brazilian Telecommunication Operator Vtech Corporation signs the strategy cooperative agreement officially, provides the power line wide band network product and the technical service for the Brazilian PARANA state and the CURITIBA state's resident plot, collaborates to develop the power line logon service. In June, this company also has signed the strategy cooperative agreement with the Malaysian telecommunication operation cooperation business square boat group, collaborates to develop Malaysian as well as other Islamic nation 1,000,000 household resident plot wide band power line logon service, first issue of power line wide band network project already in local experiment site plot development. In recent years, this company successively and in the world more than 30 countries or the zone have carried out the technical collaboration.
  According to the Fujian electric power Academy of science technical expert, domestic wide band BPL engineering research domain's forerunner Wang Dongfang introduced: “BPL passes through many year development technology gradually maturing, the application domain changed with each new day. “besides broadband access this item, the BPL technology also widely applies in the industrial field. In the intelligent electrical network information acquisition, the motion base depot copy the table, the submarine cable signal monitoring, the harbor job automation check, plot An Fang, the street light automation check, as well as in the traditional communication blind spot's mine pit, the steamboat, the offshore field domains and so on communication, have the BPL technology success application model. Wang Dongfang indicated that along with BPL technology difficult problem's unceasing attacking and capturing, the BPL application domain unceasingly will also expand. The future BPL technology will draw support in covers global the high tension cable, causes the communication to have the revolutionary change.

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