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  • The culmination optical fiber compound low tension cable technology development application makes the new progress
    Recently, the country network message communication Limited company in Beijing grand convention electric power optical fiber to the household technological exchanges, the country network intelligence electrical network department, the country network letter passed, the international telegram branch hospital, leaders and the expert and so on country network electricity branch hospital attended the conference.
  • 2010 year Asia scale is biggest, the most influential world-class message communication exposition
    And the informationization department sponsors by the People's Republic of China industry with the China council for the promotion of international trade, the Chinese posts and telecommunications equipment Group and China international exhibition center Group will undertake “in 2010 China international message communication exposition” (P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2010) in 2010 October 11 to 15th in China international exhibition center hold.
  • The superior tetraethyl pyrophosphate VGA twisted pair line extender cheers for the Shanghai World Expo
    In is holding 2010 Shanghai worlds on abundant, Shenzhen superior tetraethyl pyrophosphate science and technology is very honored is the World Expo multimedia informations released that the system has provided specialized, highly effective, the environmental protection transmission plan - - twisted pair line transmission, it by the fine transmission effect, simple installed safeguarding as well as the extremely high performance-to-price ratio has won the consistent high praise from all walks of life with the appreciation
  • The power cable replaces the communications cable - communication to have the revolutionary change
    Today, the carrier communication technology's development already penetrated into the Internet, the telephone and the television domain. The power cable replaces the communications cable to exercise each kind of communication, the data and the signal function, was already not Arabian Nights, but was living is realistic. The Fujian branch hospital research and development " four networks gather one " the power line technology, already successfully entered the overseas market. The power line can also when simultaneously mesh wire, telephone line, television ties? This is not a tentative plan, but is the living reality. On July 16, the Fujian Province electric power Academy of science holds the press conference, has demonstrated the set Internet, the television, the telephone and the power transmission to the journalistic circles scene " four networks gathers one " the wide band power line communication in a body (i.e. BPL) the new technology. The staff insert a 200,000,000,000,000 BPL modem 220 volt ordinary power point.s, leads a mesh wire again from the modem, links on the computer, may websurf directly immediately the browse homepage, plays the game, the speech video frequency chats; Links
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